Grenchen area

Investing and working

The Grenchen area has evolved from a center of watchmaking to a cluster of high-tech precision, medtech, and synthetics industries. Running the high-tech gamut from CSL Behring to Biogen, and close to the national Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne, the industry cluster at the southern foot of the Jura has easy access to a unique pool of skilled labor.

The benefits of setting up in the Grenchen area:

  • Tradition of precision
    The Grenchen area is one of the main centers of Swiss watchmaking. Many prestigious companies have evolved from their roots in watchmaking into important international players.
  • Easily accessible by road, rail, and air
    Thanks to the A5 road, Grenchen is connected to the European freeway network, with all major cities in Switzerland and business centers in the neighboring countries directly accessible. Grenchen is served by two of Switzerland’s main railroad lines: Geneva-Zurich runs through Grenchen Süd in the south of the town, and Geneva-Basel via Grenchen Nord in the north. Grenchen Airport has business flights and customs clearance. There are extensive public rail and bus networks serving local destinations.
  • Low-cost: more to live on
    The Grenchen area boasts corporation-friendly taxes and low real estate prices. In terms of the rankings of disposable income, Grenchen is one of the best places to live in the country.

Living in the Grenchen area

Discover the sunny side of life with a wide range of leisure, sporting and cultural activities, from the open spaces of the Witi nature preserve on the Aare to the high ridges of the Jura. As well as offering attractive, affordable housing, the southern side of the Jura is extremely family-friendly, a fact that earned Grenchen the UNICEF child-friendly community label in 2018.

Suggested activities:

  • Do a lap of the Tissot Velodrome
    Come to Switzerland’s cycling mecca to watch a race or ride its steeply banked track.
  • Walk along the Jura ridge
    Hike along the ridge of the Jura range, and enjoy the delights of its mountain restaurants and a view all the way to France.
  • Take off from Grenchen Airport
    Experience the fascination of flying at Grenchen Airport first-hand, and get a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful landscape.