Olten area

Investing and working

Olten is one of Switzerland’s successful emerging economic centers. It provides a dense network of innovative businesses, an international setting, an optimal framework, and an excellent environment for growth and development. With attractive real estate developments right next to the rail station, Olten offers great benefits and concrete cost advantages for companies looking to grow or seeking the optimum location.

The benefits of setting up in the Olten area:

  • Access to the best workforce in Switzerland: a potential 1.6 million employees within a 45-minute commute
  • The hub of Swiss transportation: Thanks to its unique location at the intersection of Switzerland’s main rail and road routes, Olten is only 45 minutes from the urban areas of Zurich, Basel, and Bern, and three international airports.
  • More bang for your buck: thanks to high productivity, competitive wage costs, attractive infrastructures, and low rents

Living in the Olten area

Olten is one of the most attractive, best-located and lowest-cost places to live in Switzerland. You’re just a stone’s throw from a host of social and cultural activities. Tap into Olten’s economic impetus, attractive real estate, and great leisure opportunities, and be part of the success of an emerging, central region at the heart of Switzerland.

Suggested activities: