Daycare facilities, day schools, school lunches, etc.

Looking for a daycare facility for your child? A place offering lunch? A playgroup? Or another type of childcare service? On the website you’ll find an up-to-date overview of the childcare services available in Canton Solothurn.

You can get more information on childcare from kibesuisse, an association that serves as a competence center for alternative childcare services.

Daycare facilities for children

Verein Kindertagesstätten Kanton Solothurn (VKSO) is the central point of contact for daycare facilities in Canton Solothurn, liaising between daycare centers, the authorities, and associations. Check out our map for an overview of all the children’s daycare facilities in Canton Solothurn and details of what they offer (crèches, activities for kindergarten and schoolchildren, nurseries, lunches, day school, English-speaking staff).

Childminding services

Want to be a childminder, or looking for someone to take care of your child? The Verein Tagesfamilien Kanton Solothurn childminding association is expanding services throughout the canton. The association received special recognition at the 2017 Solothurn entrepreneurship awards.

Emergency childcare

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) offers a childcare service for when children are ill or parents are going through a hard time. It’s a prompt, reliable solution ensuring the child’s wellbeing.