Livable and attractive.

The cost of living in Canton Solothurn is below the national average.

Mietpreise im Kanton Solothurn

With extensive sites available for development, Canton Solothurn offers entrepreneurs and investors attractive scope for flexibility and growth. Rents for office, production, and storage space, as well as the price of industrial building land, are low by Swiss standards.

Canton Solothurn in the top 10

Switzerland’s regional disposable income (RDI) indicator adds up all the components of income and subtracts all mandatory charges and fixed costs to show how much income a household has left for private consumption. It’s a standardized measure of the disposable income of the broad middle class. The Swiss average is zero.

Rang Canton


1 Uri 1.919
2 Glarus 1.732
3 Obwalden 1.372
4 Thurgau 1.353
5 Appenzell Innerrhoden 1.305
6 Wallis 1.125
7 Nidwalden 1.123
8 Solothurn 1.055
9 Graubünden 1.005
10 Aargau 0.961
11 Schwyz 0.890
12 Appenzell Ausserrhoden 0.873
13 Luzern 0.837
14 Schaffhausen 0.736
15 St.Gallen 0.732

Source: Credit Suisse Economic Research, 2016