Export promotion

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE)

S-GE keeps SMEs up to speed on international market developments, advises companies on how to execute their expansion strategy, and brokers contacts, business opportunities, and partners across the globe. The offering is  geared to experienced exporters and importers from all over Switzerland as well as companies planning their first step abroad.

Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV)

Swiss Export Risk Insurance (SERV) insures SMEs and large companies for the political and economic risks of their export business in cases where no solutions are offered by private insurers.

Solothurn Chamber of Commerce

The Solothurn Chamber of Commerce (Solothurner Handelskammer) issues certificates of origin, authentications, and ATA Carnets. It also keeps Solothurn companies informed about country-specific rules and helps them prepare documents correctly.

Authentications and apostilles

If you need documents signed by Solothurn authorities, public servants, and notaries to be notarized for use abroad, contact the Cantonal Chancellery (Staatskanzlei).