Migration and permits

Work permits

Switzerland has a dual system for the admission of foreign workers. Gainfully employed nationals from the EU-27/EFTA States can benefit from agreements on the free movement of persons. Only a limited number of management level employees, specialists and other qualified employees are admitted from all other countries. For any activities subject to a permit, the employer has to submit the appropriate request to the migration office.

Notification procedure

Gainfully employed nationals from the EU-27/EFTA States can work in Switzerland for 90 days per calendar year without a permit, but subject to having submitted the mandatory notification. 

Are considered as gainfully employed nationals:

  • Employees of a company headquartered in one of the EU-27/EFTA States (so called expatriates)
  • Self-employed service providers who are nationals of one of the EU-27/EFTA States
  • EU-27/EFTA nationals employed by a Swiss company

The notification must be submitted at the latest 8 days before taking up work in Switzerland. The employer or the self-employed service provider must fill out the online notification form.

To the online notification form

If you encounter problems with the online-registration application please contact the State Secretariat for Migration. A notification by fax or post submitted to the cantonal labor office is only admissible in exceptional cases. A new registration by e-mail is not admissible. FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Our service

The Economic Development Agency of the canton of Solothurn will assist you with all questions concerning permits and will put you in contact with the relevant and appropriate authority.

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