Natural highlights

Hiking, biking and enjoying nature

Want to wind down from workday stress? No problem in Canton Solothurn, where every region has wonderful places to go. If you like being out in nature, you’ll be spoiled for choice. For example the Jura Crest Trail, a hiking path from Zurich to Geneva, offers the most beautiful panoramas of the canton – including spectacular views from the Weissenstein. Canton Solothurn is also a paradise for cyclists and mountainbikers, inline skaters, and canoeists.

  1. A trip to the Weissenstein, the city of Solothurn’s very own mountain, is an unforgettable experience at any time of the year. The gondola cableway takes you to the top in only ten minutes. From 1280 meters above sea level you get a unique view of the Central Swiss Plateau and the Alps.
  2. The boat trip along the river from Solothurn to Biel is a special experience. You’ll get to see the storks in Altreu and the historic old town of Büren an der Aare, and experience the excitement of going through the lock. Relax completely as you chug your way to the destination of your choice.
  3. On this varied hike you’ll encounter the shifting scenes of the Thal Nature Park. It begins with a climb through the lovely Wolf Gorge and continues along the lofty heights of the second chain of the Jura mountains.
  4. This discovery trail in the Thal Nature Park is a playful and creative sensory experience that allows you to discover the forest and learn about timber. Installations by artist Sammy Deichmann reveal new and surprising insights into nature.
  5. The 2.2-kilometer-long Devil’s Gorge is one of the most scenic of the many gorges in the Jura. You’ll get to experience a section of the gorge along the Cholersbach stream and its 32 bridges.
  6. The Kaltbrunnental valley is a real insider tip, especially on hot days. The Ibach stream snakes its way through the romantic, mossy gorge toward Grellingen. There’s plenty of adventure to be had as you make your way across bridges along the narrow trail. And there’s no shortage of fire pits to grill a meal, for example on the Schneeglöckliweid meadow.
  7. This round trip starts in Dornach, taking you via Reinach and Therwil into the Leimental valley. It’s a gentle, hilly landscape ideal for exploring by electric bike, even for beginners. There’s lots to see, including the Benedictine monastery of Mariastein Abbey. Your destination is the Château de Landskron (Landskron Castle) in Leymen, France.