Schools and education

Outstanding educational services

The canton publishes a brochure (in German) called “Die Volksschule im Überblick” explaining the guiding principles and structures of the public school system in Solothurn. It describes all the grade levels from primary (i.e. kindergarten and primary/elementary school) to secondary school (lower and upper). It includes sections on early education, the responsibilities of schools, the role of parents, schoolchildren and students, plus remedial and special needs education.

Canton Solothurn produces many highly qualified teachers. The canton is home to two campuses (Solothurn and Olten) of the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Grenchen hosts a campus of the Höhere Fachschule für Technik Mittelland (college of higher education), as well as the school of watchmaking. Training watchmakers has a long tradition in Grenchen.

International school

The Swiss International School in Schönenwerd is a private bilingual all-day school covering the level preschool and primary school (elementary).

New School Frontiers

Are you relocating to Switzerland and looking for the right school for your child? Are you moving cantons within Switzerland and having to find a new school? New School Frontiers will help you choose the right daycare center or school. To ensure a smooth transition from their old school, New School Frontiers accompanies your child and helps you get the necessary transitional support.