Starting a business

Want to start a business?

The Gründerzentrum Kanton Solothurn provides a range of services to people from Canton Solothurn aiming to establish a new company. It serves as a one-stop source of information around the basics of setting up on your own – in person, by phone, by email, and now also by chat. In addition to this free offering, the incubator offers courses for people starting a business, presentations by specialist speakers, and a comprehensive website. From 2021 the incubator will also be holding an annual event for technology-driven startups.

Gründerzentrum Kanton Solothurn offers services for people starting new businesses on behalf of the Solothurn Economic Development Agency.

GZS GmbH - services for starting a business

Grabackerstrasse 6
4502 Solothurn
+41 32 626 24 20

Extended programs for young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs who have already gone a step further might be interested in the extended programs and services.